CASE STUDY: Lardie Real Estate
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The Lardie Real Estate web site is a wonderful case study because this is how I wish all clients would approach their website.

While working closely with Dexter Creative we developed a strategy and approach to the site that would maximize the client’s investment in their site.

The Lardie Real Estate site excels in two specific areas: narrative and strategy. To begin, we wanted to tell the story (narrative) that Chris Lardie is a realtor that is approachable and can relate to what the average person would experience in the house buying process. To achieve this end, we were intentional to display a picture of his family and a short biography at the very top of his page. Some may argue that this space is better served by showing a picture of a fancy house instead of Chris’ family but what we recognized is that working with a realtor is a very personal experience. The realtor is invited into the home of a client, learns a lot about the client’s income and finances, likes and dislikes, and the basic needs of the family or person. A lot of people have strong anxieties when selecting a realtor. Our goal was to mitigate these anxieties right up front and show Chris to be relatable and understanding. Ultimately, this speaks much stronger than a picture of a fancy house.

As you scroll down the site, you’ll notice a transition from Chris, the realtor, to what he can provide for you (the buyer). We feature a search bar immediately, knowing that many people want to look for homes. However, what’s more important is that directly under the search bar is our “hook.” We offer a free PDF (10 Tips for a Quick Sale — designed by yours truly) and a Home Valuation Tool (What’s My Home Worth). Each of these require an email to obtain, which serves as a potential lead for Chris and his team. This then allows for the interaction between Chris and potential clients to go to another level—a level in which Chris can interact with the potential client (which he can’t do when a person simply visits his site).

Next on the site are a couple of areas to establish credibility. We state that Chris has worked with over 60 families and has a 5 star rating on Zillow. We have these numbers “move” because we know that humans like shiny objects and can’t help but pay attention to movement on a website. This makes it so it is very hard for the potential client to miss the fact that Chris is a solid realtor with a very good rating.

To further establish his credibility we included some specific testimonials where past clients shared their favorable impressions of Chris and their interactions with him as their realtor. This is intended to calm any anxieties that potential clients may have regarding making the commitment to signing a contract with Chris as their realtor.

Nestled between these two areas of credibility is a region where we showcase Chris’ featured listings. This is simply another way to show what Chris has to offer his potential clients.

Since launching Chris’ site, he has received quite a bit of interest as a result of leads generated by his site. We have even had other realtors in the Southern California area reach out to us and request that we build their website! Are you ready for us to build your next site? Send me a message and we’ll get started today!

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