Case Study: Monk & Mongoose Gourmet Coffee

I chose Monk and Mongoose as a case study because it was probably the most fun I’ve had creating a logo and branding for a company. It combined two things I hold near and dear to my heart: coffee and logo design.

I was hired by Dexter Creative to work with their owner to create not just the branding and logo but to also help come up with a name for the client. Working closely with Dexter Creative, we settled on two different names. From there the client asked us to develop logos for both names because they had a difficult time deciding between the two. They thought perhaps the ability to “see them in action” would help their decision making process.

After much research and discovery we decided the logo should be strong, yet somewhat elegant to communicate the gourmet aspect of the coffee house.

My process for logos generally involves coming up with three concepts. The client then chooses one concept and we have three rounds of revisions for that concept. The unique challenge with this logo was we actually had to come up with six different concepts since we were technically creating logos for two separate names.

At the end of the day, the client chose the name Monk and Mongoose. The name has dual meanings. Legend has it that a Monk discovered the coffee beans by watching his goats jump and become very jittery after eating these peculiar beans. Mongoose speaks to the quality of the coffee as the world’s finest coffee is said to come from the mongoose. (I’ll let you decide how this occurs…google it if you’re in for an interesting read).

Many of the logos in their various forms can be seen in the gallery.

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